An Overview of the Types of Orthodontic Treatment

An Overview of the Types of Orthodontic Treatment

May 01, 2021

Orthodontic treatment in Webster, is a method of straightening or aligning teeth to improve how teeth appear and how they function. By spreading the teeth bite pressure, orthodontic treatment can also help care for the long-term health of jaws, teeth, and gums.

A lot of people have crooked/crowded teeth. Orthodontic treatment procedures will straighten the teeth or move them to a better position. This improves teeth appearance and leads to a more even bite while also making the teeth easier to clean.

Some people’s teeth on the front door stick out and look ugly. These “protruding” teeth are more likely to be damaged, but our orthodontic treatment can restore them to their original state. Also, people faced with a misalignment issue of the upper and lower jaw may cause the teeth to look unappealing and cause incorrect bites. Orthodontic treatment may be able to correct these two problems.

If the teeth do not meet correctly, it may strain the jaw muscles, causing jaw and joint diseases and sometimes even headaches. Orthodontic treatment can help you bite more evenly and reduce stress.

Types of Orthodontics in League City and Webster, TX

If you’re around Texas and you are looking for orthodontics near you, visit Sapphire Smiles Dental. Our specialists offer comprehensive orthodontics in Webster, TX, and in League City. Some of our treatment methods include:

  • Traditional Braces

They include brackets or bands that fit on the front of your teeth and flexible wires or archwires that hold these brackets or bands together. Some brackets also include rubber bands or metal ties that connect the bracket to the wires. These straps will create more pressure to help you straighten and align your teeth.

Metal brackets are more affordable than Invisalign treatment. This makes metal braces a more economical choice. Since they are fixed in place, there’s no need to be afraid about the misplacement of the aligners. For pre-adolescents, adolescents, and elderly patients who do not wear braces as instructed, this is an effective method that has been tested in practice.

  • Ceramic Braces

These are almost similar to the traditional braces. They differ from the type of material that is used to make, whereby the ceramic braces are made using transparent ceramic material. This makes ceramic braces hard to spot by other people. That’s why they are mostly preferred by adults who need orthodontic treatment.

  • Self-litigating Braces

These provide a gentler treatment and require fewer dental visits. Self-locking braces use sliding mechanisms instead of elastic pieces to connect the archwires. These braces are effective since the teeth can move on their own without adjustment. This process produces less friction and pressure on the teeth, thus less pain. These braces are also very easy to clean.

  • Interceptive Orthodontics

Sometimes, it’s easier to deal with an issue when it’s still in the earliest stage of development. It is easier to correct the orthodontic problem if it is discovered early. In fact, interception therapy will help children avoid greater dental issues in the future. This proactive step also allows your dentist to control how adult teeth erupt.

  • Invisalign Treatment

These are removable clear plastic aligners that are an alternative to traditional braces. Invisalign works by gradually moving the teeth into the preferred position. This is done by a series of aligner trays that works at intervals of two weeks. Older teens and adults prefer these since it gives patients the freedom to remove the braces as they wish, and their eating habits are not restricted due to the aligner’s flexibility.

Braces After-treatment Care

Regularly clean your teeth while also taking care of your braces since they are delicate and too much pressure might break them. Our dental expert will advise you on how to clean depending on the type of braces you’re using.

Reduce your intake of sugary foods/drinks and how often you take these products. Also, consuming very hard or crispy foods might lead to damaging your braces.

Lastly, brush your teeth before you go to bed and at least once during the day. You can use a mouthwash if necessary, and our dentists in League city will advise you on the type of tooth gel you’ll use, depending on the type of braces. This ensures that you keep your braces clean and your teeth and gums healthy for perfect results.