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Dental emergencies strike uninvited.

When a sudden dental accident takes place, we need to act urgently. In times of need, Sapphire Smiles Dental Specialists is with you. The expert dentist at City Centre, TX 77024, will take care of all of your dental emergencies and will provide a treatment that ensures quick recovery.

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Emergency Tooth Extraction By

City Centre Dentist

Your tooth may suddenly start to pain because of decay or infection. In such a condition, the dentist may need to extract the tooth. Our dentists at our City Centre clinic understand your pain and address the concern quickly. Now no need to wait in long lines and for hours. Just visit us to get your problem treated.

City Centre Dentist 77024
City Centre Dentist 77024

Sudden Toothache


In TX, 77024

Toothache can be a sign of many underlying problems. Pain can also make our routine life difficult; therefore, if you feel a throbbing pain in your teeth and consider to visit a dentist urgently come to Sapphire Smiles Dental Specialists. Our expert dentist serving in City Centre, TX 77024, will examine your oral health and provide treatment urgently to settle your pain.

Dental Implant Emergency In

City Centre

A dental implant can fail at times when a dentist does not treat it properly. However, the signs of a failed implant may become visible many months after the installation. If you feel your implant is becoming loose or gums are moving away from the implant, it might be a sign of implant failure. If you feel sudden pain at the implant area, visit a dentist urgently. Sapphire Smiles Dental Specialists have expert dentists who can re-implant your missing tooth with guaranteed success. Visit our City Centre location and get an implant from our best dentist.

Dental Implants City Centre 77024
Gum Infection Treatment City Centre 77024

Gum Infection Treatment At

Sapphire Smiles Dental Specialists

Your gums support in keeping your teeth healthy and strong. However, bacteria at times may develop under the gums, which can cause infection. The dentist at City Centre, TX 77024, will check for all the signs of infection and will give all the necessary treatments for removing the infection from the gums.

The Emergency Temporary Tooth In

City Centre

A tooth may fall out suddenly due to a hit on the face. Thereafter, a missing tooth would need a replacement in the form of a dental bridge or an implant. But till the implant and bridge get ready, our dentists can install a temporary tooth at the place of your missing tooth to avoid the remaining teeth from moving.

Emergency Dentist 77024
Cracked Tooth Treatment

Cracked Tooth Treatment

With Us

Your teeth can get cracks if you bite a hard food item or are hit by something on your teeth. The dentists at Sapphire Smiles Dental Specialists treat these cracks by cementing veneers on your teeth. With veneers, you get your beautiful smile back and that too with a better appearance.

The entire team of dentists at Sapphire Smiles Dental Specialists are expert at treating all dental emergencies and taking care of your missing, broken, or cracked teeth.

So visit us at 12888 Queensbury Ln, Ste 124, HTX 77024, and get all your emergencies treated.