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Houston, TX

Losing a tooth is difficult as well as worrisome for an adult. A broken tooth can disturb the other surrounding teeth as they may begin to shift from their positions. Therefore, the dentists at Sapphire Smiles Dental Specialists at their clinic in Houston, TX, install a dental bridge to save the remaining teeth from shifting.

Dental Bridge Installation at Houston, TX

Dental Bridge Houston

What are Dental Bridges ?

The dental bridges act as a bridge between the missing teeth. These involve the placement of crowns on each side of the missing tooth. The supporting crowns are called an abutment. It also includes placing a false tooth called pontic at the place of a missing tooth. These are of gold, alloy, porcelain, or a mixture of all.

Benefits of Dental Bridge

Along with supporting the surrounding teeth, a dental bridge give a lot more benefits. Following are some of those:

  • It restores your smile
  • Restores your chewing and speaking ability
  • Helps in maintaining the shape of the face
  • Replaces the missing teeth
  • Stops the surrounding teeth from shifting

At Sapphire Smile, our dentists ensure to place the dental bridge correctly so it may give the maximum benefits to the patients.

Types of Dental Bridge at Houston​, TX

There are four main types of dental bridges that dentists at Houston, TX, use to secure the remaining teeth.

Traditional Bridge

The traditional bridge involves placing a false tooth with the help of a dental crown. The dentists cement these crowns on all the abutments. These are the most common types of bridges used when a patient has natural teeth on each side of the missing tooth.

Cantilever Bridge

This helps when there are supporting teeth on only one of the sides of the missing tooth. This is not recommended when the lost tooth is at the back of the mouth as it can damage the remaining teeth.

Maryland Bridge

These bridges are of porcelain, porcelain fused to metal, or even plastic and also require natural teeth at both sides of the missing tooth. This type of bridge, instead of using crowns, uses a framework of porcelain or other materials.

Implant-supported Bridge

These bridges use dental implants instead of crowns or other frameworks. Our dentists place the implants through surgery at the place of the missing teeth which help the bridge to stay stable.

The Procedure of Dental Bridge at Houston, TX

Dental Bridge Houston

On the first visit with us at Sapphire Smiles Dental Specialists, the dentists prepare the abutment teeth. This involves removing enamel from these teeth to fit the crowns or other frameworks. Later the dentist prepares the impression for making a bridge, pontic, and crowns. Until the lap prepares the bridge, the dentist installs a temporary bridge in place of the missing tooth.

During the next visit, the dentist will remove the temporary bridge and will place the new bridge. However, after the placement of the bridge, the patient may need to visit the clinic several times. But this depends on the individual case.

If you have lost your teeth and desire a dental bridge, then visit our clinic at your convenient location in Houston, Tx. Our team is ready to help you.