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Dental crowns are caps that dentists place on a tooth that gets damaged or when filling does not solve the issue. The cap is either made of metal, resin, ceramics, or porcelain. It is a tooth-shaped cap that restores and improves the shape, strength, size, and appearance of the tooth. Sapphire Smiles Dental Specialists in Houston, TX, is a specialist at placing dental crowns that saves your tooth from wear off and dental pain.

Dental Crowns

When to have a dental crown?

Patients would need a dental crown in the following cases for:

  • Protecting a weak tooth in case of a decay
  • Restoring a broken tooth
  • Supporting a tooth with filling
  • Covering a dental implant
  • Supporting a dental bridge
  • Covering a tooth treated with root canal

At Sapphire Smiles Dental Specialists, the dentists examine your conditions carefully before applying dental crowns and then choose a particular type of crown to fix at your affected tooth. If you wish to get checked before the application of a dental crowns, then visit our clinic in Houston, Tx.

Types of Dental Crowns at Houston, TX

The followings are the types of dental crowns that a dentist uses to place on your tooth:

Metal Crowns

A dental crown can be made of various metals like gold, nickel, chromium. The best quality of metal crowns is that these do not chip or break and these last for a long time. Another advantage is that the dentist does not need to remove a lot of teeth for applying the crown. Furthermore, metallic crowns can withstand strong bites. However, one of the disadvantages is the color of the crown, which can only be useful if applied on the back molars.

Porcelain Crowns

The dentists can match the color of porcelain dental crowns to the surrounding teeth. These blend well with the other teeth and appear natural to others. However, these crowns can easily break, and chip and the surrounding teeth also wear down more than usual. But porcelain crowns can fit both front and back teeth.

Resin Crowns

These dental crowns are comparatively less expensive than the other types of crowns. However, these crowns break or chip much earlier than the types.

Dental Crowns

Ceramic Dental Crowns at Houston, TX

These dental crowns are even better than the other types of crowns in matching the color of the surrounding teeth. These types of crowns are also good for people who are allergic to metal. However, these do not last long and also wear down sooner than others. These crowns are also good for front teeth.

The dentists at Sapphire Smiles Dental Specialists choose the dental crowns that suit best for the patient. And therefore, it takes a complete history of allergies and other medical problems that can affect the life of a dental crown.

Preparation of dental crowns at Houston, TX

Sapphire Smiles Dental Specialists prepares the dental crowns in two visits. In the first visit, the dentists examine the tooth by performing x-rays and check the roots of the tooth. The dentist also checks the tooth for infection or decay and performs a root canal before placing a crown, if necessary.

In the second visit, the dentist places the crown on the tooth. Before that, the dentist numbs the tooth and the tissues surrounding the tooth. The dentist then reshapes the tooth for placing the crown. If the crown is of bigger size, then the dentist removes a great amount of tooth surface. However, if the tooth decays our dentist before placing a crown, uses filling to support the tooth.

Preparation of Dental Crowns

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