Everything You Need to Know Before Starting Invisalign®

Everything You Need to Know Before Starting Invisalign®

Mar 01, 2021

Invisalign® are modern appliances that have replaced traditional braces. Anyone can comfortably wear them without anyone noticing since they are invisible.’ Braces stand out quickly and can be easily seen, unlike Invisalign®,which uses clear aligners.

Invisalign Definition

Invisalign® is a type of cosmetic dentistry treatment that fixes crooked or out-of-place teeth. It is just like braces, but instead of using metal brackets, it uses plastic retainers to straighten your teeth.

The Rules and Restrictions of Invisalign Aligners

  • Keep your clear aligners in your mouth as much as possible

It is advisable to keep your Invisalign® aligners in your mouth for as long as possible every day for fast and satisfactory results. Your dentist will advise you to keep them in for at least 48 hours in the first few days after getting them to make them get adjusted to their presence. Your aligners willstart their work from the minute they are successfully installed. You should, however, know that it will take some time for you to notice the results.

Clear braces can only be removedwhen flossing, brushing, or eating and should be worn back after eating or brushing. After the first two days, you can wear your alignersfor at least 22 hours a day for the treatment to be a success. Doing so will also enhance quick results.

  • You cannot eat with Invisalign® aligners on

Eating with your aligners is not allowed. Your dentist will advise you to remove your aligners when you are eating and put them back after brushing your teeth. Your dentist will also advise you to drink water daily. This helps keep your mouth hydrated as the aligners may make your mouth dry. A dry mouth leads to bad breath and creates an environment that encourages oral bacteria to thrive.

  • Do not forget to clean your aligners

Cleaning your aligners is as important as cleaning your teeth. The effort that you put into caring for your teeth should be the same when you get your aligners. The cleaning procedure of clear braces uses a toothbrush and toothpaste similar to you formerly cleaned your teeth. Your dentist will advise you to clean them in the morning or evening and also rinsing them when you remove them during the day. Instructions on cleaning them are given beforethe starting of the treatment.

Invisalign Facts

  • Invisalign® can whiten your teeth

The main importance of Invisalign® aligners is to align or straighten your teeth. Besides restoring your smile, it will also whiten your teeth. This is because if you brush using a whitening toothpaste, the whitening agents stick to your teeth,and the aligners prevent them from being easily washed away.

It is still possible to get fluoride treatment while on Invisalign treatment.Fluoride strengthens the enamel making it more resistant to dental decay and cavities.

  • Invisalign® treatment period varies for each person

Invisalign® takes at least a year to straighten teeth in adults. How long the treatment lasts depend on the state of your teeth.Also, how long you wear your aligners will influence the treatment duration and the end-results. If one or a few of your teeth are out of place, the straightening process will take less time. On the other hand,extensive teeth misalignment will take a long time to correct.

  • Invisalign® shows faster results as compared to metal braces

WithInvisalign® treatment, results are seen after a few months if you keep them in as much as possible. This is not the case with braces, as they take up to two years to show results. These aligners come with an extra tray of clear aligners that you change into after every two weeks to speed the process.

When you choose to have Invisalign® in League City, TX, our dentist will provide you with caring tips, teach you the right cleaning techniques and give you cleaning toolsto enhance ideal oral health.

Finding the Best Invisalign® Treatment in League City

At Sapphire Smile, we care about your smile and dental health. By visiting our facility, you get a chance to have Invisalign® near you. We also offer other cosmetic dentistry procedures that will restore your smile and boost your confidence. Visit our clinic in League City today and brighten that smile.