Getting a Chipped Tooth Fixed

Getting a Chipped Tooth Fixed

Aug 27, 2020

Chipping a tooth can be a scary moment. Chips are embarrassing, overwhelming, and sometimes even painful. However, patients have a lot of options for getting a chipped tooth fixed. This means that you don’t have to worry about your injury. Treatment is easier than you think! Below, we will share the best options for getting a chipped tooth fixed.

Just Chipped Your Tooth?

If you just chipped your tooth, then try your best to stay calm. Firstly, look around you. If you can locate the chip, then bring it to your dentist. (If you can’t find it, then don’t worry.) After that, it is important to call your dentist immediately. They will help to prepare you for the next steps. Some of the common treatments for a chipped tooth include…

Dental Fillings

Yes, these are the same types of fillings that are used for cavities. Dental fillings are great for chips on the top portion of a tooth. They can easily fill in the missing portion of the tooth. Fillings are a simple treatment, so they should not cause you additional worry.

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is usually used for chips on the visible portion of your teeth. Bonding is a strong material that your dentist shapes over the chip. It is easy and painless to apply. This is a very common treatment for chips, as well as cracks and discoloration.

Veneers and Other Options

Some people have severe cracks or other types of tooth damage. In these cases, veneers or crowns might be needed. While these are more complex treatments, they are still easy for your dentist to apply.

Chipped Tooth Repair in Houston

Getting a chipped tooth fixed is quick and easy. Sapphire Smiles has six different office locations in the Houston area. Explore our website to find the most convenient office for you. Call us to book an appointment or schedule your tooth repair online.