Pediatric dentistry

Pediatric dentistry

Jul 01, 2021

Children need special care to help them grow into healthy adults. Not only do they require maximum medical care, but they also need special dental care to help them develop healthy bodies and teeth. The need for specialized healthcare for children is why a branch of medicine called pediatrics exists. Pediatrics is a branch of medicine that involves the medical care of infants, children, and adolescents. Fortunately for kids and their oral health, specialized oral healthcare is available for them in dentistry.

Pediatric dentistry is a branch of dentistry that involves the dental care of infants, children, and adolescents. It deals with the management and improvement of dental health in anybody under the age of eighteen years. Dentists in the field of pediatric dentistry are called pediatric dentists. Pediatric dentists are specialists in providing dental care to kids. They undergo a lot of special training than the general dentist to provide them with skills to deal with the fragility of kids. Pediatric dentists spend at least six years in training to be able to cater to the dental needs of infants, children, teens, and children with special needs.

Children need dental care from a young age because the development of teeth starts from six to twelve months after birth. By the third year after birth, a baby would have developed a complete set of milk teeth. These milk teeth would start to fall off and would be replaced by permanent teeth by the age of seven years. It is necessary to have a pediatric dentist near you to guide a child through these transitions to prevent complications that may arise. A pediatric dentist helps kids to overcome the risks of developing many tooth diseases and infections with proper oral health care.

What Do Pediatric Dentists Do?

Pediatric dentists provide maximum oral health care for kids which includes:

  • Oral health examinations. They inspect infant teeth for caries, decay, etc.
  • Care for oral injuries. Children, being playful and carefree, can sustain oral injuries which might be a threat to their oral health. Pediatric dentists help to care for those injuries.
  • Diagnosis. Pediatric dentists notice dental health problems in children early and recommend treatments for such children.
  • Preventive dental care. A pediatric dentist in Webster would recommend do’s and don’ts, toothpaste as well as nutrition to eliminate the risks of developing a dental health problem.
  • Management of existing dental problems. Pediatric dentists help to treat existing dental problems in kids.

Common Kids’ Dental Health Problems Pediatrics Dentists Treat.

Children possess more delicate teeth than adults, therefore, a disease or infection can cause severe problems in a child if not discovered early. A pediatric dentist in Webster, Tx helps to detect these problems in time and treat them.

Dental health issues in kids can include:

  • Dental caries and tooth decay. Children are more susceptible to tooth decay because they are more likely to eat surgery and starchy foods. These foods when mixed with bacteria and saliva in the mouth cause dental plaques which cause tooth decay.
  • Teething problems. Delayed teething in infants calls for the attention of a pediatric dentist.
  • Malocclusion. This is a situation in which the upper and lower teeth do not meet when the jaws are closed. This causes pain and injuries in the mouth. It can also hinder speech and ingestion of food.
  • Bad breath. Bad breath, also known as halitosis, affects children.
  • Sensitive teeth. This happens when hot or cold food or drinks cause pain to a child’s teeth. Sensitive teeth is not necessarily a bad sign, but it might be an indication of a much worse dental problem.
  • Bruxism. This is the continuous grinding or clenching of the teeth. It has adverse effects on the development of a child’s tooth. It is also known as tooth grinding.

If you notice any of these in your kids, you should book an appointment with any children’s dentist near you. This would help to detect and treat the problem in time.

Benefits Of Pediatric Dentistry

Taking your kids to a kid’s dentist near you and not just any dentist comes with its rewards. Not all dentists have the patience and willpower to work with kids like a pediatric dentist.

Kids have the access to dental equipment specially designed for them, and comprehensive dental healthcare when they visit a pediatric dentist. They also get tender care and their dental fears are eliminated with the professional treatment offered by pediatric dentists.