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Slightly Chipped Tooth? We Have a Quick Solution!

Chipped teeth happen. However, that doesn’t mean they are always easy for patients to deal with. Even a slightly chipped tooth can make you feel embarrassed. Lots of patients are also afraid that fixing the tooth will be expensive or complicated. Luckily, there is an easy solution. Below, we’ll explain how your dentist can quickly repair your slightly chipped tooth.

What To Do After You Chip Your Tooth

Chipping a tooth can be a traumatic experience. Firstly, remember not to panic. While you might be scared, staying calm can help you save your smile. Next, call your dentist immediately. It is important to see the dentist as soon as possible. Locate the chip if you can so you can bring it to your dentist. If you have dental wax, then you can also place that over any jagged edges before your dental appointment.

Dental Solutions For a Slightly Chipped Tooth

Dentists can easily fix a chipped tooth. Bonding and fillings can work wonders on smaller chips. The treatment you get will depend on where your chip is located. Bonding is usually used on the visible front-side of your teeth. However, a filling can be used for chips on the top or sides of the teeth. Both procedures are quick and easy.

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Need a More Complex Repair?

Of course, larger chips happen as well. Dental veneers are a great way to fix more complex cracks or injuries to multiple teeth. A dental crown can also be used on a severe crack (or a crack that is also decayed).

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