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If you are looking for a reliable dentist near Westchase, Texas then your search has come to an end. With Sapphire Smiles Dental Specialists, all of your problems with loose and chipped teeth will be solved well within your budget. Why wait and end up at the wrong place.

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Wisdom Tooth Removal With

Westchase Dentist

A wisdom tooth is often a sign of maturity. But for many, the wisdom tooth may not erupt straight, and the only option left would be to extract it. Extracting a tooth can be painful, and infection may accompany it if not performed by a specialist. But with our dentist at Westchase, all your worries will come to an end. Our specialist will make sure the extraction procedure does not become a disaster for you. Rather, they provide sedation to the patients to make the entire procedure easy for them.

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Implant dentist Westchase tx

Root Canal Procedure By

The Dentist At

Westchase, TX 77063

A root canal might not seem a cause to worry for those who have never experienced it. But those who have gone through it once might get afraid of all the problems it brings along. However, when you choose to work with us, you would be as relaxed as a child in a mother’s lap. With our expert team, we make sure to explain to you the entire procedure in detail so you would be mentally prepared for what’s coming up.

Crowns & Bridges With

A Dentist Near

Westchase, TX

Your lost tooth can act like a little monster disturbing the surrounding teeth and shifting them from their place. To keep them safe, it is necessary that you consider installing a crown to protect an affected tooth. Bridge, a false tooth, helps to fill the gap between teeth. This lets the teeth to stay at their own place. All our dentists are expert at placing the crown and bridges and at choosing a valid choice for closing the gap between teeth.

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IV Sedations dentist Westchase

IV Sedation

Dentist Near TX


IV sedation allows a person to remain awake during the process so that he/she may not need to stay back after the procedure and would easily be able to reach home. The specialist at Sapphire Smiles Dental Specialists is well aware of the pain that patients feel during the procedures. Therefore, with their experience and expertise, they use IV sedation so that a patient would remain conscious yet would not experience any pain.

The Westchase dentist promises to provide you all the services that will enable to you bring your pain at ease. Being situated at 2950 S Gessner Rd #250, Houston, TX 77063, USA, we are easy to reach, and therefore, we can save you time in finding affordable dentistry.

Your smile is precious to us, and we want to enhance it to your satisfaction.