What Do You Need to Know About Dental Veneers?

What Do You Need to Know About Dental Veneers?

Jul 06, 2021

What can you do when you have worn down, cracked, and chipped teeth that are affecting your smile? Well, get cosmetic dentistry to repair the smile. We have several cosmetic dental procedures that can fix these dental imperfections and veneers in Magnolia, TX, are one of the ideal solutions.

Veneers are wafer-thin shells that are fixed on the front part of the enamel to change the size, shape, color, and appearance of the teeth. These shells are effective in fixing these dental imperfections, but before you get the veneers near you, you need to know what they are and the procedure.

What Are the Veneer Options Available?

Dental veneers are available in two versions; composite and porcelain. Composite veneers are ideal for people looking for same-day restorations. These veneers are made of a resin material that can be crafted to look like your natural teeth. The dentist will craft these veneers at the dental office on the same day as your appointment.

Porcelain veneers are also tooth-colored but are more durable and stain-resistant compared to composite ones. However, getting porcelain veneers near you will require at least two dental visits.

You may also opt to get the Lumineers, which are ultra-thin and do not require much enamel reshaping as the traditional veneers. But, first, consult our dentist before you get the Lumineers.

When Can Veneers Be Used?

You can get dental veneers near you if you have dental imperfections such as:

  • Worn-down teeth
  • Cracked and chipped teeth
  • Discoloration
  • Uneven, misaligned, or irregularly shaped teeth
  • Gaps between the teeth

Who Can Get the Veneers?

Dental veneers in Magnolia, TX, are effective but are not ideal for everyone. You may not be a candidate for veneers if you have severe decay, gum infection, and thin enamel. The dentist will recommend other treatments like dental bonding if your enamel is very thin.

How Are the Veneers Fixed?

The porcelain veneers in Magnolia, TX, need two dental veneers to be fixed and the process involves a few steps:

Examination and planning

The dentist will begin the process by examining your teeth and gums for any damage and decay. If you are eligible for the veneers, the dentist will take you through the types and what to expect during the procedure.

Teeth preparation

Fixing the veneers requires the teeth to be reshaped. A thin layer of the enamel is removed and an impression or cast of your teeth is taken to make the permanent veneers. Because the reshaping process causes sensitivity, the dentist will cover your teeth with temporary veneers as you wait.

Fixing the permanent veneers

This happens within three to four weeks after the first appointment and it involves replacing the temporary with the permanent veneers. The teeth and gums are cleaned to remove any debris, and the dentist will use a special block of cement to fix the veneers.

How Long Will the Veneers Last?

The dental veneers are durable and can last for about ten years with proper care. After this, you will need to have them replaced to avoid further damage to the teeth.

While there are no special instructions on taking care of the veneers, proper hygiene practices are a must to lengthen the lifespan of the veneers. The veneers are stain-resistant, but they can still discolor when you overconsume coffee, tea, and wine. Remember, you cannot change the shade of the veneers once they discolor, and the dentist will have to replace them to match your rest of the teeth.

Also, you need to have a regular assessment of the veneers to check for any cracks, chips, or signs of wearing down.

Are Veneers Covered by Insurance?

Veneers are not necessarily covered by the insurance, especially if you are doing them for cosmetic reasons. On average, you can expect to spend about $900 to $2,000 per tooth. Consult our dentist on the cost of getting the veneers and Magnolia, TX.

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