What Is Pediatric Dentistry?

What Is Pediatric Dentistry?

Feb 01, 2021

Children have special needs. Their growing bodies mean that medical interventions for them will differ from that of adults. In dentistry, the field of pediatric dentistry caters to the needs of young ones. By six months, a baby’s first teeth start to show. In six years, they shed off the first set of permanent teeth. The next set is shed five-six years later. These formative stages set the tone of oral health for life. Poor oral health in childhood invariably translates to a lifetime of dental problems. Children are especially prone to dental caries/tooth decay, one of the commonest childhood diseases. In this article, we will see why your child will benefit from pediatric dentistry near you.

A pediatric dentist is devoted to the dental health of a child from birth till their teenage years. They have the necessary experience and qualifications to manage the development stages involved in a child’s oral anatomy. A kids dentist near you will examine your child in a way that makes them comfortable and under specially designed settings. Children can be difficult, as we all know. Many adults detest going to the dentist. Children don’t fare any better. They’re less cooperative and friendly. However, a children’s dentist near you has a repertoire of tricks to get them relaxed and receptive.

What Training Do Pediatric Dentists Receive?

Every pediatric dentist must have completed at least four years of dental school. After this, they go through two years of residency training in dentistry for infants, children, teens, and children with special needs. They also train in child psychology, and this accounts for their ability to relate well with kids. After all these years of training, the entire practice of a pediatric dentist is devoted to the care of children only. This leads to a high degree of specialization in the field.

What Treatments Do They Offer?

A child is expected to start teething at six months. If a child has shown no signs of teething at seven months, then you need pediatric dentistry in Magnolia, TX. A pediatric dentist offers treatment at the earliest stage possible. Without proper teething, a child cannot be weaned onto solid foods. Speech articulation will prove to be a hassle too, in time. After teething has started, it needs to be monitored. Many things can go wrong along the line. Malocclusion is a condition whereby the upper and lower jaws fail to meet when the mouth is closed. This can translate into problems with speaking and eating, pain, and injuries in the mouth on biting. A child with this condition needs pediatric dentistry in Magnolia. The problem of poorly aligned teeth is solved by braces. This treatment is offered by pediatric dentists.

Dental caries/Tooth decay is another area in which you need the services of a kids dentist near you. They offer oral risk assessment exams for dental caries in mother and child. They also provide preventive services that include cleaning, fluoride treatments, dental sealants, and diet recommendations. They also counsel on oral hygiene and how to maintain it in children, especially through regular toothbrushing and flossing. You can take your children in for regular checkups at the dentists. All of these are essential in preventing tooth decay in children. Because of their affinity for sugary substances, children are highly susceptible to the formation of dental plaques. This leads to tooth decay and cavities. Children are poor at maintaining good oral hygiene and this combined with other factors leads to the high incidence of tooth decay in them. Pediatric dentists also treat tooth decay in children.

They offer habit counseling such as the use of pacifiers and thumb sucking. Gingivitis and dental abscesses are just as likely to occur in children as in adults. Pediatric dentists treat these and other gum conditions like ulcers, short frenulae, and mucoceles. Some oral conditions are associated with childhood diseases like Diabetes, Congenital heart diseases, Asthma and ADHD. Pediatric dentists can diagnose and manage these conditions too.

Children can also suffer physical injuries to their mouths. This can lead to fractured, displaced, chipped, or knocked-out teeth. Pediatric dentists treat these conditions too.

Regular checkups at a children’s dentist near you can make the difference between a lifetime of good or bad oral health. Get your children the best care possible.