Why Risk Tooth Loss When Emergency Dentistry Can Preserve It?

Why Risk Tooth Loss When Emergency Dentistry Can Preserve It?

Sep 01, 2021

Dental emergencies often occur when least expected. For example, an accident can leave you with a couple of knocked-out teeth, or you may experience chipped or cracked teeth trying to open packages, or even suffer from an excruciating toothache over the weekend. All three situations besides others can potentially lead to tooth loss. Therefore, instead of waiting to see your regular dentist or ignoring the problem altogether, you must contact the emergency dentist in Westchase to receive the treatment you need.

Some dental issues are not problematic and do not need attention from emergency dentists because the problem can wait until you visit your regular dentist for attention. Unfortunately, some dental issues require emergency dental care in Houston promptly unless you prepare yourself to confront tooth loss and search for replacement solutions.

What Kind of Dental Problems Need Treatment from Emergency Dentists?

An Excruciating Toothache

Toothaches appear from nowhere but are a result of trapped food particles between your teeth or untreated cavities. A toothache late in the evening will probably keep you awake throughout the night, searching for remedies to alleviate the problem. You can consider taking over-the-counter painkillers for temporary relief. However, the better option is to visit Houston emergency dental to have your problem identified by a professional dentist and treated without delay. If the discomfort results from untreated cavities, dentists restore your tooth, providing you relief from the condition. Unfortunately, if you have deep decay in the tooth, you require procedures like root canal therapy or extraction, leaving you with tooth loss.

Knocked out or Loose Teeth

Facial impacts causing your teeth to loosen or fallout require prompt treatment from the emergency dentist in Houston, TX. First, try to keep the loose tooth in its socket by biting down gently on it or pushing it in place with your fingers. Unfortunately, if your tooth has fallen out, you must look for it and pick it up, handling it by the crown and not its roots. Next, you can rinse the knocked-out tooth with water and preserve it in your mouth or a cup of milk. After that, get moving to reach the emergency dentist within 30 minutes to help them maintain your tooth.

Loose or Missing Dental Restorations

Temporary and permanent restorations tend to loosen or fallout, although the issue is more familiar with provisional restorations. Regardless of the type of restoration, you lost you must understand treatment from the emergency dentist in Houston is essential. Do not consider visiting emergency rooms for the repairs because you will likely be redirected to an emergency dentist. Instead, save yourself time and discomfort and head straight for the emergency dental clinic.

Dental Abscesses

If you have a severely decayed tooth, you may develop a dental abscess on the gums near the roots of the tooth. Dental abscesses require emergency dental treatment either from your regular dentist or an emergency dentist near you. Dental abscesses result from untreated dental infections and will cause intense pain, fever, and pus oozing out of the pimple. You may think of ignoring the dental abscess but will undoubtedly change your mind when you receive the information it is a life-threatening condition. Ignore the problem, and you may soon have a host of health complications affecting you when the bacteria from the pimple spread into your bloodstream.

If you visit emergency dental care in Houston, the professionals at the facility will immediately drain out the abscess and provide medications to alleviate the pain you encounter. They may also x-ray the tooth to determine the extent of the infection. Eventually, you receive a recommendation for undergoing root canal therapy or getting the tooth extracted to eradicate the disease from your mouth.

Chips or Cracks

Your teeth can chip or crack if you use them for reasons other than chewing or biting. Biting on hard foods can also leave with a chipped tooth. Painful Chipped or cracked teeth need prompt attention from emergency dentists to prevent bacteria from penetrating the tooth and causing more problems. Getting the tooth mended right away by visiting an emergency dentist helps to preserve your natural tooth restoring it to full functionality instead of leaving it prone to extraction.

Dental emergencies, whether minor or severe, eventually lead to tooth loss. Why must you risk unnecessary complications and invest in tooth replacement solutions when emergency dentistry helps preserve your natural teeth? We are confident you also will subscribe to our view and seek help from emergency dentistry whenever required.